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Cost-Efficient Logistics Services You Can Count On

At Southeastern Management, Inc., we provide owner-operators, brokers, and shipping companies with a full range of logistical services. We strive to help you optimize your business’s daily operations using cost-efficient solutions.

Warehousing and Distribution Services

With our expertise, you can set the initial planning stages of your warehouse through the implementation process using proven logistical solutions. We will provide on-site management when implementing solutions to maintain quality, time, and costs. To ensure your project’s success, we implement a unique and personalized approach to addressing your needs.

Strategic Planning

We select only the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems, and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance.

Distribution Center Design and Implementation

As your logistics partner, we can help with creating, maintaining, and administering budgets and schedules. We can also assist with obtaining proper permits, overseeing installation, and developing product slotting configurations for maximum material handling and storage efficiency. Together, we can also conduct equipment acceptance testing and do start-up support when your operations go live.

Distribution Network Configuration

We can accurately determine the number and location of distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrate computerized and manual warehousing systems in your business. When you work with us, we can help with system configuration, setup, and acceptance testing start-up and implementation.

Inventory Management

When analyzing the inventory levels of your supply chain, you can count on us to provide you with accurate data.

Transportation System Planning

We select the best transportation configuration and suppliers to minimize the cost of your operations.

Improving Maintenance

With our help, you can turn your maintenance operation into a profit center by improving product quality, utilization of equipment operators, overall equipment effectiveness, thorough capacity, and equipment life.

Our Supply Chain Solutions

Why Work With Us

We work directly with you, using our customized, brand-new facilities to address your specific needs. We offer a wide range of services to help you maintain a seamless supply chain. By turning your supply chain strategy into a competitive force, we can accurately address your current and future needs.

Best-in-Class Performance

Transportation is often a company’s most overlooked and under-scrutinized cost area. When facing tight carrier capacity, new hours of service rules, and a demanding customer base, we will help you operate efficiently to satisfy your clients. We will be your logistics partner you can rely on during this critical time for your transportation operations.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Together, we will improve your service, reduce your operational costs, and enhance your company performance through the right warehousing and distribution services for your needs. You will receive savings of 10 to 30 percent in annual distribution center variable costs through implemented solutions.

Transportation Services

Our company can become the logistics arm of your company, planning and managing your transportation operations. Whether for planning, scheduling, or delivering your shipments, we can offer supporting and specialized services, including carrier rate negotiations, visibility, technology integration, invoicing, freight payment, and reporting.

Truck Load

As a certified trucking company, we offer only safe and reliable transportation with capacity-oriented solutions, delivering customer value at exceptional levels of service.


We offer comprehensive flatbed services utilizing thousands of carriers and company-owned flatbed and curtain side trailers.


From regular freight to challenging multi-drop shipments, our professionals handle all your temperature-controlled requirements.

Our Fleet Is Your Fleet

We provide safe and reliable transportation services to a broad range of customers throughout the US. With our integrated, multi-modal approach, we provide personalized solutions centered on delivering exceptional customer value and industry-leading service. Our company allows carriers to keep their trucks loaded while giving you access to a wide and well-connected trucking network in the country.

Outsource Your Logistics

We can help you discover strategic decisions in outsourcing logistics to affect capital costs, operating costs, revenue growth, customer service, and human capital. Outsourcing can help you with workforce reduction, freedom from restrictive labor environments, management or technology issues.

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